September 29, 2023

Dr. Atiq Budhani Provider Spotlight Article

Dr. Atiq Budhani is a primary care doctor who works with Healthcare Associates of Texas in Irving. As a family medicine practitioner, he cares for patients of all ages and is passionate about involving the entire family in their healthcare while stressing the importance and benefits of the preventative side of medicine.

“One of the most effective strategies for preventive healthcare is getting a yearly checkup starting at a young age,” Dr. Budhani says. “If we can discover a health problem early on, the outcome is always going to be better.”

The concept of preventive medicine and the ability to detect diseases early on is what inspired Dr. Budhani to pursue a career as a primary care doctor in the first place. His approach to comprehensive care involves looking at the overall picture—including a patient’s social and economic challenges—and addressing any problems preventing them from achieving their unique personal health goals.

“At Healthcare Associates of Texas, we have a lot of resources allowing for rideshares, transportation, gym memberships, and prescription programs that provide lower cost options for people who may be struggling.”

Dr. Atiq Budhani establishes meaningful connections with patients by learning about their motivations and priorities—family or work. Then, he uses that information to develop highly individualized treatment plans for each patient. Dr. Budhani also strongly believes in giving his patients as much time as they need during appointments to talk about their mindset when it comes to health, which he has found contributes to meaningful doctor-patient relationships.

High blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity are some of the most common conditions treated by Dr. Budhani in Irving. Given how these chronic conditions usually develop slowly over time, he stresses the importance of annual checkups and screenings that can catch these problems early on. He adds that many people visit their primary care doctors only when they’re sick or feel something is wrong, but the key to staying healthy throughout life is maintaining a strong and positive relationship with their doctor and seeing them regularly.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing patients who come in with multiple problems, such as those related to high blood pressure and diabetes, and working with them, inspiring them, and observing improvements in their health during the time we work together.”

Dr. Atiq Budhani is currently practicing at the Healthcare Associates of Texas Irving North location, where he is accepting new patients.


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