July 25, 2023

IdaLupe Wishon, PA is a passionate physician assistant who has dedicated her career to providing the best possible care for her patients. Her 15-plus years of experience in the healthcare industry have led her to a deep understanding of preventative care and patient education, while her military background has instilled the value of meaningful connections.

“It’s being able to help folks and educate and sometimes just being that person they need to talk to,” Wishon said.

Wishon’s decision to pursue a career in primary care was inspired by her time as a lab technician in the military. When the time came to re-enlist, she was encouraged to explore other options. Her curiosity about the field of physician assistant led her to a meeting at the education center, where she decided to apply to become a P.A.

Wishon’s most rewarding aspect of her job is her connection with her patients. As her patients walk into the room, she greets them with a smile and listens to them, paying attention to their body language to build a connection with them. Taking the time to understand the patient is one of her best traits, as it helps put the patient at ease.

“I’m just very happy when…patients come back that tell me they’re happy, it kind of makes my day and makes me remember why I do this,” Wishon said.

The most common conditions Wishon treats in her practice are high blood pressure, diabetes, depression and anxiety. She believes it important to catch any issues early through preventative care before they become serious.

To ensure that she provides the best possible care to her patients, Wishon has a great team that double-checks that her patients’ needs are being met. She also checks in with her patients to see if they are on the right medications and are improving.

Wishon wishes more people knew that primary care is the doorway to other specialties and that it’s important to establish a trusting relationship. She also emphasizes the importance of truly listening to patients and being open to what they say verbally and non-verbally.

“It’s just nice to be nice to people, you know? Treat people like you want to be treated. That’s how I do that,” Wishon said.

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