September 29, 2023

Chasareth “Chazi” Thompson is a dedicated primary care provider who works hard to make her community healthier. With a desire to build relationships with her patients and ensure they receive the best care possible, Thompson found her calling in primary care.

“I get to build relationships with my patients. I watch their families grow and change,” Thompson says. “Because we treat so many members of the community, we are also making our community healthier.”

After completing her physician assistant studies, Thompson was inspired to pursue a career in primary care.

Chasareth Thompson, PA-C“I never could find a specialty that was the right fit for me. They were very all-or-nothing,” Thompson explains. “But I always enjoyed my primary care internships. Now I get to know a great deal about a great many things.

She adds, “My mentors always had stories to tell about knowing their patients for 20 years, 30 years, or even more. They went to their patients’ weddings and baby showers, and they were a part of the family. I always wanted that bond with my patients.”

The most rewarding aspect of Thompson’s job is the ability to help others.

Thompson says the best part of her job is when fixing one ailment, one vitamin deficiency, one medication side effect, one joint issue, how it can quickly turns someone’s life around.

Thompson’s approach to comprehensive care involves a yearly physical, a full panel of baseline lab work, and age-appropriate cancer screenings. She also asks about everything related to her patient’s life, including specialists, surgeries, and alcohol use.

Thompson’s clinical specializations and interests are women’s health.

“Women tend to take care of their families first and themselves last. But when mom is cared for, the whole house feels better,” she says.

Thompson is able to establish meaningful connections with her patients by listening to them and remembering parts of their lives, such as their work, number of children, and any other important information. She also stays current on the latest medical trends to ensure she provides the best care for her patients.

Her most common conditions include:

  • Women’s health
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Rashes
  • Other skin conditions

Regarding preventative health care, Thompson recommends yearly physical office visits, regular follow-ups, and staying up to date on tests. For her, preventative health care means telliing patients what they need, not what they want to hear.

“You need to stop smoking PERIOD. You need to do your mammogram,” Thompson often says as she tries to give patients a window but also encourages them to get their tests done ASAP so they aren’t forgotten about.

Thompson also wishes people knew how much time it takes to provide care.

“People think we don’t think about them after their 15 min appointment is over. That 15 minutes is frequently not enough time for the patient to get settled into the room and see the doctor.

According to Thompson, after a patient’s appointment, the healthcare team reviews imaging and labs, attends meetings to discuss patients, and reviews and updates charts.

“Each patient is a huge part of my day, week and sometimes even my month,” Thompson says.

Being a primary care provider is a rewarding and meaningful experience for Thompson. Her passion for her work is evident as she advocates for patient care and seeks a strong relationship with them.


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