Want a rewarding career with a physician-led practice that provides state-of-the-art support and lets you practice medicine your way? Let’s talk!

Healthcare Associates of Texas (HCAT) is a group of quality-focused primary care providers committed to becoming the premier primary care group in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Our practice started in Irving 26 years ago and now serves the needs of patients from ten locations throughout the region.

Our Practice is ideal for providers who:

  • Want to work in a physician-led practice
  • Do not want to be employed by a hospital system or insurance company
  • Want to see patients and practice high-quality medicine while leaving the administrative burden to trained professionals
  • Want to manage their compensation by having it directly related to the work they do
  • Want to share the risk of the future of healthcare with like-minded providers
  • Want to work with a group that has solid financial backing
  • Want to be the doctor they want to be and make a meaningful contribution in building a high-quality primary care model
  • Want to work in a group where payor contracts acknowledge the value of the provider

HCAT is committed to:

  • Providing high-quality primary care services
  • Staying on top of best practices and evolving our clinical models accordingly
  • Maintaining a strong focus on compliance
  • Partnering with ACOs that understand the value of high quality primary care as a key to controlling overall healthcare costs
  • Investing in key services and technologies to optimize the quality of healthcare we provide to our patients

The Changing Healthcare Environment

Mammoth healthcare systems and insurance companies want to own primary care so they can feed their specialists and hospitals. Insurers go out of their way NOT to pay you for the services you provide. Regulators are constantly changing and tightening the rules. Navigating your way through such an environment is difficult and time consuming at best. Why go it alone? Healthcare Associates of Texas is the right choice for providers who want to focus on providing the best care to their patients, having access to the equipment and technology needed to deal with the medical issues they face, and want to be involved in a group that is positively impacting the future of primary healthcare in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


Contact Us For More Information:

Phone: 469.276.3628

Email: Charles.PowellMD