August 11, 2023

Provider spotlight: Dr. Umar Jawaid

Dr. Muhammad Umar Jawaid is a family doctor working with Healthcare Associates of Texas. He sees patients ages five and up, often caring for parents as well as their children. He strongly believes in the value of preventative care and building trust with patients so he can best address their needs.

“One of the aspects of my work as a primary provider that I’m especially passionate about is the fact that I’m able to build strong relationships with the whole over a period of time. That allows me to provide comprehensive care,” he says.

Dr. Jawaid has had an interest in primary care and preventive medicine since medical school. When he was in school, he worked with local residents on diabetes prevention programs. He helped establish the Island of Sint Eustatius’ first diabetes foundation and conducted diabetes workshops that offered free screenings to local residents.

After medical school, he began a career in research, but the idea of working closely with patients was never far from his mind. “I was conducting research projects at the Department of Veteran Affairs and pursuing a career in public health from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2015,” he recalls, “Through that work, I realized that there was, and still is, a great need for physicians in primary care.”

At Healthcare Associates of Texas, he enjoys helping people take a comprehensive approach to their health. His focus is on the biopsychosocial aspects of health, giving attention to the social, emotional and lifestyle circumstances that interconnect with physical health. He builds a trusting doctor-patient relationship by listening to what patients say and developing an individualized approach that works for each person’s specific needs.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping my patients make positive lifestyle choices to fulfill their healthcare needs,” Dr. Jawaid says. “Gone are the days when the physician used to dictate the healthcare plan in terms of what patients need to do or what medication they need to take. I see myself as a guide and mentor who is always there to help and support my patients.”

Dr. Jawaid is a father to three children. When he’s not working with patients, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, eating out and traveling.

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