September 2, 2022

Daily Exercises for Seniors

Movement is important for people of all ages but is essential for seniors to age optimally. Here are our top six daily exercises for seniors.


While walking may seem like an obvious form of movement, it shouldn’t be discounted as an effective exercise for seniors that can be completed daily. Walking benefits the entire body and can be modified daily depending on pace, distance, and duration.


2. Biking

Another form of exercise seniors can do daily is biking, assuming you feel comfortable balancing on a bike. If not, a stationary bike at home or a gym can be another alternative, and many seniors find recumbent bikes to be the most comfortable. Cycling mainly targets the lower body and increases blood flow to the heart and lungs.

3. Swimming

A third exercise seniors can do daily is swimming. Swimming can be a low-impact, therapeutic form of movement that benefits the cardiovascular system. Whether you enjoy swimming laps on your own or attending a water aerobics class, swimming can be a great exercise option for seniors.


4. Dancing

A fourth exercise that seniors can do daily is dancing. Whether you enjoy exercise-focused dance classes like Zumba or attending a local tango class, dancing can be a great form of movement for seniors. Dancing mainly targets the cardiovascular system but also strengthens all parts of the body and can aid in balance.

5. Pilates

A fifth type of exercise that seniors can do daily is Pilates. It is important to attend classes that are senior-focused and taught by credible experts who can help guide and direct you into the proper positions. Pilates is great for strength training of the entire body and can be helpful for stretching and balance as well.


6. Resistance Bands

Lastly, seniors can use resistance bands daily for exercise. Getting proper guidance for using resistance bands is also helpful, and switching the parts of the body worked daily is vital to allow for adequate recovery. Resistance bands can be great for strength training as well as the stretching of the muscles.


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