The HCAT continuum care includes physical medicine and rehabilitative services. Our providers at Boardwalk Physical Medicine treat patients for a wide range of issues from sports injuries and post-operative rehabilitation to core strengthening for back pain. We offer a variety of physical medicine services including: Manual Therapy, Chiropractic, Therapeutic Exercise, Gait Training, Neuromuscular Re-Education, Ultrasound, Interferential Current, Russian Stimulation, Decompression, Videonystagmography, “Bertec” Vestibular Rehabilition Training (VRT), Fall Prevention Program, Instrumental Assisted Soft Tissue Manual Therapy, Kinesiotaping and joint and trigger point injections.

Patient Focus / Individualized Treatment Plan

One of our most important Physical Medicine qualities is our patient focus and individualized treatment plans. By focusing on the patient as an individual, our team will educate the patient, not only about their condition, but also about the rest of their body and how certain functions or habits are related to the injury or ailment. Our team provides exercises that are specific to your needs and not a machine shop approach to exercise prescription.

Licensed Chiropractor /  Family Nurse Practitioner

Our team, they integrate services, interventions, and modalities to best serve each patient. We always use the latest techniques driven by evidence based knowledge through continued education and collaboration.

Long Term Results
Once you get better, we want you to stay that way. We will talk with your personal trainer and other wellness providers to make sure your discharge therapy plan is as effective as possible.

Preventative Services
Fall prevention programs, education on co-morbidities and barriers during treatment sessions are some of our many preventative services we provide.

Extended Hours
We offer early mornings, evenings, and Saturday hours for your convenience.

Our Locations

Boardwalk Physical Medicine is conveniently located in Irving, Bedford, Rowlett, and McKinney in the same buildings as our primary care clinics.

For Providers — Click Here to Download Referral Form

Fax the referral form to one of the following locations:

Bedford: 817-358-5878 Fax: (972) 953-2526

Irving: 214-524-6310 Fax: (972) 870-4910

McKinney – 972-823-6505 Fax: (972) 823-6506

Rowlett(214) 501-1304 Fax: (214) 501-1415