January 5, 2023

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors for Healthy Aging

The new year has arrived and, with it, a chance for new beginnings when it comes to healthy aging habits. While it might seem trite, setting a New Year’s resolution is an effective way to help you stick with your plans this year to take care of your health.


1. Hit the Track

No—this doesn’t mean the racetrack. Instead, make a goal of walking for twenty to thirty minutes every day. One reliable way to make sure that you can get your paces in, rain or shine, is to use the indoor track at your local community center or the outdoor track at your local high school.

2. Banish the Bottle

This doesn’t mean you’re pledging to dispense with using plastic bottles in 2023 (but, if you want to do that, good for you!). Regarding your physical health, ditching the wine bottle or beer bottle can make a big difference. Not only can reducing your drinking or abstaining from alcohol help you get higher-quality sleep, but it can also help you avoid developing chronic illnesses like heart disease, liver disease, and even cancer.

3. Give Yourself the Gift of Gab

Get on the phone, march to the local mall, or slip into your local coffee shop for a gossip session with a friend. Research has shown that staying socially connected can help you age healthily. So, this year, make a goal of socializing at least three times a week.


4. Experiment in the Produce Aisle

You may feel like you’ve tried every fruit or vegetable that the green earth has to offer. But have you really given artichokes a fair shake? This year, try to vary your diet (and, therefore, your vitamin and nutrient profile) by finding new fruits and vegetables to include on your home menu.

5. Channel Your Inner Popeye

After downing that bowl of stewed spinach, it’s time to add some strength and resistance training to your daily schedule. Research shows that strength training is linked to longevity and health later in life. You can maintain your muscle mass by using free hand weights or even by simply working on completing a push-up.


6. Don’t Drink Your Sugar

You’ve survived the holiday season of apple cider, hot cocoa, and eggnog. Now, the new year represents a chance for you to slash your diabetes risk by cutting out sugary drinks. Even a morning glass of orange juice can spike your blood sugar and affect your hormones for the rest of the day—instead, eat an orange.

Keeping healthy in the new year doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Use the above new year’s resolutions for seniors to help you stay well this year, and far into the future.

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