August 1, 2018

Body fat transfers have been used for over a decade to fill in facial flaws such as indented scars, hollowed cheeks, and sunken eyes. Today, there is a revolutionary body fat transfer procedure that can help in many other areas of the body such as breasts, hands, calf muscles, buttocks, biceps, and triceps. Some surgeons even use this procedure as a stem cell facelift by using the injections in the face.

What Are the Advantages of This Procedure?

The main advantage of fat transfer is there is little risk of allergic reaction or rejections since it uses your own biocompatible fat. In the past, fat transfers were only used to fill in small areas on the face, while body implants were traditionally used to sculpt larger areas of the body.

Now, surgeons are using larger volume fat transfers to sculpt and tone the body in many other larger areas. A fat transfer also looks much more natural than a body implant, and the results are amazing. On your face, this type of procedure lasts much longer than wrinkle fillers or line fillers that need to be done several times a year.


Who Is a Good Candidate for Fat Transfers?

The best way to keep your body in good shape is to exercise and maintain a normal weight. However, over time as you age, body fat may be distributed unevenly throughout your body. Even if you are only in your mid-30s, you are starting to lose volume in your face and hands. A fat transfer is a great minimally invasive procedure to correct these areas easily and quickly.


What Happens in a Body Fat Transfer Procedure?

Your surgeon will put you in a twilight state — meaning that you are awake but sleepy and numb. An antiseptic and a topical anesthetic will be applied on the donor site and on the area that will be filled. The donor site is usually the thighs or abdomen. The donor cells are harvested through a liposuction process and purified before they are implanted in the treated area. This procedure corrects the donor and treatment sites at the same time.

If you are ready to look younger and feel younger, then give Smart New You a call today to book an appointment to discuss how a body fat transfer can work for you.


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