July 24, 2017

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Healthcare Associates adopts BioFire’s Film Array System to quickly diagnosis and treat disease states among patients.

IRVING, TEXAS – July 24, 2017 – Healthcare Associates of Texas has recently implemented an updated, molecular laboratory instrument to diagnose certain dangerous diseases faster. The FilmArray system, is able to detect multiple organisms that cause infections such as gastrointestinal disease, respiratory disease, bloodstream infections, and sepsis in a single test. HCAT now has the ability to get results in about an hour to diagnose and treat disease states as quickly as possible. Current testing methods in most hospitals could take days to get results. Healthcare Associates of Texas is the first outpatient primary care clinic in the southern United States to have this technology which was previously available in only a few advanced hospitals.

“The FilmArray System allows our lab professionals to manage all aspects of the testing process onsite, from sample preparation and DNA extraction to amplification and detection,” says Dr. Charles Powell, Executive Vice President of Clinical Operations. “This technology will enable our clinicians to treat disease states much earlier than ever before—giving us results in about one hour, versus one to three days for samples sent to reference labs.”

Healthcare Associates of Texas will be using the FilmArray System to rapidly detect the DNA of pathogens of life-threatening disease states that continue to plague the U.S. healthcare system. One FilmArray test available is the GI panel that identifies 22 disease targets for bacterial, viral and parasitic gastroenteritis infections contracted through eating, swimming or other exposure routes. Another is the RP panel that identifies 20 viral and bacterial respiratory pathogens including Pertussis.

Testing for disease state pathogens allows for early treatment, as well as proactively protects its spread among patients and in the community.

“Healthcare Associates of Texas is committed to adopting the most effective practices to prevent the spread of infection through comprehensive testing to diagnosis of disease states earlier and improve patient care,” says Dr. Powell. “Having accurate and comprehensive test results in one hour enables physicians to immediately prescribe treatment protocols that target the specific infections, rather than administering a wide-spectrum antibiotic which may not be necessary. We treat our patients like family. Who wouldn’t want the most specific, appropriate, and timely care for their family?”

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