March 13, 2018

Do you often forget things? Do you wonder if it could be something more than normal effects of aging? If so, the staff at Healthcare Associates of Texas wants to help.

Dementia is the loss of reasoning, thinking, and remembering that results in an inability to make it through daily life activities. You may notice changes in your ability to solve problems, find words, and pay attention. Your emotions might be difficult to control, too.

Signs of dementia often begin slowly. Here are a few of the early symptoms of dementia.


1. Trouble with Visual Images Like Reading or Color

As you age, you will experience age-related vision changes due to cataracts and other visual conditions. But, if you struggle with judging distances, reading, or determining contrast and colors, this might be an early sign of dementia. This change is often noticed while driving or doing other activities that require you to see things in three dimensions.

2. Trouble with Spoken or Written Words

Ask anyone over the age of 40 if they have difficulty finding words, and they will likely nod their head in agreement. But with dementia, carrying on conversations can be downright hard. You might even repeat yourself or struggle with finding the right word.


3. Misplacing Things

We all lose things, but if you find yourself misplacing things more than usual and not being able to retrace your steps to find them, it could be something more.


4. Poor Judgment

Dementia can leave you making poor decisions in your daily life. Some people struggle with money decisions or forget to take care of daily grooming habits.

5. Mood Changes

Dementia can change how you feel. You may be angry, sad, or confused. Some people even feel like a stranger at home, work, or in other familiar environments.

6. Withdrawal for Work or Activities You Enjoy

If your memory starts to fail, you may no longer enjoy work, hobbies, or other social activities. It’s frustrating to try to remember something that used to be so dear to you. It may seem like a better option to avoid those activities versus feeling the frustration of being unable to perform them.


7. Difficulty with Simple Problem-Solving

Do you struggle to create and follow a plan? Is balancing your checkbook or keeping track of bills more challenging? Many people with dementia start noticing difficulty concentrating. Things that were once simple tasks are difficult and take you much longer than in the past.

8. Difficulty Remembering Details of Time or Place

Dementia makes keeping track of time, holidays, and seasons very difficult. Attempting to plan for things in the future may be challenging, and you may even forget where you are sometimes.

If you or a loved one are struggling with these signs of dementia, it might be time to make an appointment with your primary physician at Healthcare Associates of Texas. Call us today to speak to one of our highly skilled staff.




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