November 21, 2018

Chiropractors — it seems people either hate them or love them. Most of the time, many people don’t understand what chiropractors do to treat their patients. We want to give you a little information to help you understand what they do so you can decide if a chiropractor might be a good option for your symptoms.

They Treat More Than Your Back and Neck

It’s common knowledge that chiropractors treat disorders of the spine. Did you know they can address many other conditions, too? This can make them a nice addition to your list of providers. Here are a few things chiropractors treat that you might not know:


They Can Decrease Your Pain Without Medications

Pain is caused by several factors, such as age, nerve damage, or improper healing. Chiropractors treat what’s known as chronic, or long-term, pain. This type of pain doesn’t usually respond to typical pain management techniques and takes an expert to address symptoms such as inflammation and muscle tension.

To get to the bottom of your pain, our chiropractors will do a thorough exam to determine what’s at the root of the problem. Once you’re diagnosed with a pain condition, they will develop a treatment plan. This comprehensive plan might include any of the following non-medication therapies:


They Want to Restore Your Health and Prevent Future Problems

Chiropractic care aims at getting to the bottom of your concerns, restoring function, and teaching you ways to stay healthy in the future. Proper spinal alignment is critical to overall health. If you have a healthy spine, you’re less likely to have pain, injuries, and even some other health conditions.

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