A Total Continuum of Care

Healthcare Associates of Texas provides a total continuum of care by offering comprehensive family medicine and ancillary services all under one roof. Our board-certified physicians, complemented by certified Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, are dedicated to the comprehensive wellness of our patients – physically, emotionally and financially. Personal attention, compassion and communication are the cornerstones of the patient care we deliver.

Primary Care

Each of our primary care offices offers caring and comprehensive healthcare to our patients throughout the Dallas Metroplex. At our state-of-the-art facilities, you’ll find our group of highly-skilled Family Medicine Physicians, internists, and support staff ready to deliver superior patient care with personal attention and compassion to you and your family.

We deliver primary care health services to you and your family with respect, concern, and care. As family medicine providers, our goal is to develop helpful relationships and to ensure your family gets the highest quality treatment to achieve your optimum health and well-being. Meeting your families’ physical and emotional needs through preventative care and comprehensive treatment is our top priority.

Services We Provide

Our team of dedicated professionals strives to deliver the highest quality care in a manner that is convenient and cost-effective for you and your family. We offer non-emergent care and treat a full range of health issues including, but not limited to, allergies, arthritis, infectious diseases, soft tissue injuries, and more. We care for your family through all ages, with personalized treatments designed to meet the unique needs of every individual.

Our primary care physicians provide superior health and wellness services which include physicals, wound care, women’s healthcare, well-child care, and much more. We also offer immediate care and treatment of urgent medical conditions like sore throats, fevers, sprains, allergies, and other non-emergency conditions.

Family Medicine
Non-Emergent Care

Conditions We Treat

From accidents to sports related injuries, infectious diseases to the flu, we treat medical conditions to help you and your family get and stay healthy. We offer women’s healthcare solutions which diagnose and treat reproductive issues. In addition, we deliver health and wellness guidance in relation to nutrition, weight, exercise, and mental health. Each of our offices promises up-to-the-minute diagnostics, including on-site imaging and lab work. No matter your condition, our caring team is ready to help you find the solution to your health concerns. 

At Healthcare Associates of Texas, our mission is to provide you with premium quality primary care that is cost-effective, compassionate, and convenient. We will work with you and your family members to ensure you receive the very best care and treatment, always personalized to meet your needs. Schedule an Appointment or Find a Location.

Specialized Care

In the Dallas Metroplex region, our comprehensive specialized services offer you and your family members reliable and accurate diagnosis and treatment whenever medical conditions arise. Our team of family doctors, internal medicine physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners are compassionate, well-trained, experienced, and dedicated to helping you and your loved ones manage or defeat a wide range of health issues from injury to illness.

Services We Provide

Our specialized care services include screenings, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment for a variety of common medical conditions like allergies, arthritis, and hormonal imbalances. Our comprehensive services offer personal attention and custom care promising you and your family premium quality care with the goal of overall health and wellness.

Our specialized care services include:

Allergy, Screening, & Immunizations
Geriatric Care
Internal Medicine
Rheumatology – Arthritis
Sleep Disorders – Apnea/Snoring

Medical Conditions We Treat

Heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are the leading chronic diseases in the United States. Our specialized care services are designed to prevent, diagnose, and treat these conditions and related complications, as well as diseases and medical needs.

Our team of internal medicine specialists deliver the guidance and treatment needed to help adults stay healthy by addressing common medical conditions like menopause, osteoarthritis, and hypertension. Our endocrinology team offers expertise to patients at risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes, or those who may be experiencing unanticipated weight gain, fatigue, and depression related to hormonal imbalances. High blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and joint pain or stiffness are among the health conditions our team addresses and treats with our preventative, comprehensive, specialized care services.

Our goal is to provide you with high-quality specialized care delivered conveniently and compassionately. We will work with you and your family members to deliver the best personalized care and treatment designed to meet your unique health and wellness needs. Schedule an appointment or call your local clinic to discuss any questions you might have.

Physical Medicine

The HCAT continuum care includes physical medicine and rehabilitative services. Our providers at Boardwalk Physical Medicine treat patients for a wide range of issues from sports injuries and post-operative rehabilitation to core strengthening for back pain. We offer a variety of physical medicine services including: Manual Therapy, Chiropractic, Therapeutic Exercise, Gait Training, Neuromuscular Re-Education, Ultrasound, Interferential Current, Russian Stimulation, Decompression, Videonystagmography, “Bertec” Vestibular Rehabilition Training (VRT), Cardiovascular Program, Fall Prevention Program, Instrumental Assisted Soft Tissue Manual Therapy, Kinesiotaping.

Patient Focus / Individualized Treatment Plan

One of our most important Physical Medicine qualities is our patient focus and individualized treatment plans. By focusing on the patient as an individual, our team will educate the patient, not only about their condition, but also about the rest of their body and how certain functions or habits are related to the injury or ailment. Our team provides exercises that are specific to your needs and not a machine shop approach to exercise prescription.

Licensed Chiropractor /  Family Nurse Practitioner

Our team, they integrate services, interventions, and modalities to best serve each patient. We always use the latest techniques driven by evidence based knowledge through continued education and collaboration.

Long Term Results
Once you get better, we want you to stay that way. We will talk with your personal trainer and other wellness providers to make sure your discharge therapy plan is as effective as possible.

Preventative Services
Fall prevention programs, screening for peripheral artery disease (PAD), education on co-morbidities and barriers during treatment sessions are some of our many preventative services we provide.

Extended Hours
We offer early mornings, evenings, and Saturday hours for your convenience.

Boardwalk Physical Medicine is conveniently located in our Irving, Flagship office and our Bedford and McKinney clinics.

For more information, please call:

Bedford: 817-358-5878

Irving: 214-524-6310

McKinney – 972-823-6505


We are sensitive to our patients needs and recognize that scheduling diagnostic tests at facilities scattered throughout the metroplex can be quite disruptive to a busy person’s schedule. Therefore, we have successfully brought all the latest imaging technologies under the same roof as our family medicine facility. Our services include:

Infusion Therapy
Sleep Studies

Call 972-258-7480 for more information.


Healthcare Associates of Texas is focused on maintaining continuity for patient treatments. To accomplish this, we offer a full array of ancillary services, including an on-site pharmacy. Our patients can be confident that a direct line of communication exists between their health care provider and their pharmacist – assuring accurate, fast and convenient submission and filling of necessary medications. We also realize that your time is valuable and will have your medications ready within minutes after your scheduled doctor’s visit.


6161 North State Hwy 161, Suite 100 Irving, TX 75038 | Phone (972) 812-7559 | Fax (972) 871-0300

Additional pharmacy services include:

Patient Convenience Delivery Program: The Boardwalk Pharmacy at Healthcare Associates of Texas is proud to offer a Patient Convenience Delivery Program. If it is not convenient for you to pick up your refill medication at our pharmacy, we can mail it directly to your home. Should you be interested in this service, please call us at (972) 812-7559.

Transfer Prescription: Many of our new customers have asked how they can transfer their current prescriptions to our conveniently located full-service Pharmacy at Healthcare Associates of Texas. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Simply give the pharmacist your prescription number, name, and telephone number of your current pharmacy.
We call the pharmacy and ask to have your prescription transferred.

And just like that, the prescription is transferred.


Smart New You, the Cosmetic & Wellness Division of Healthcare Associates of Texas, specializes in a variety of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures for men and women to help you be your best self. Our experienced team is passionate about delivering impressive hair, skin, & body cosmetic solutions.

The procedures employed by our physicians are among the most advanced in the industry. We proudly offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical skin and body treatments specially-designed to help give you healthy and lasting results.

Click below to learn more.

Visit SmartNewYou.com

Mental Health
Psychiatric Clinic
Memory Clinic
Memory Disorders
Perinatal Psychiatry
Clinical Weight Loss

What is clinical weight loss and why is it important?

All kinds of people seek clinical weight loss. Almost everyone could improve a little, take a little here, take a little there. Clinical weight loss provides an opportunity for us to look at your underlying conditions and, hopefully, use some medicinal aides to help your overall clinical weight loss journey. Professional advice is very much needed when someone is trying to achieve weight loss. One of the reasons it’s important is that there could be underlying conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or thyroid issues and if you are not aware, you could potentially exacerbate those conditions with wrong plan or over-the-counter medicines and cause negative interactions that affect your health.

It’s also important for goal setting. Sometimes we may have a goal in mind of where we want to be, but if you don’t have that professional guidance, you could set unhealthy goals or have a hard time figuring out the right plan to reach your goal. We want to help you keep everything nice and focused. We all work together to try to figure out what your personal needs are – if that’s a 10-pound weight loss goal versus a 100-pound weight loss goal. Everybody has an idea of where they’d like to be and we try to help facilitate a path and journey to get there.

What’s a healthy weight loss goal?

A healthy weight loss may be three to five pounds a month. Our motto is “Slow and steady wins the race.” You’re not likely to get to your goal and keep it in a three month time frame, for example. It may take you nine months, it may take you a year, it may take you more depending on what your goal is and what a healthy plan is like for you. If we can work together to develop and learn that lifestyle patterns that you can implement and use on a day to day basis, you’re going to be more successful. Once you reach your goal, you have a higher success rate in maintaining that weight loss instead of rebounding and having weight gain. We actually have a post on our blog featuring tips on how to lose weight in a healthy way and you can visit our You Tube channel for our weight loss videos.

What happens when I first come in for a weight loss visit?

When we see a patient for the very first time we introduce them to our calorimetry test. This particular test allows us the opportunity to see where you’re at right now in terms of your caloric intake. Looking at your current weight, we learn how many calories you’re consuming to maintain your current weight, and then work to assess healthy short-term and long-term goals. We would then designate a target goal on a day-to-day basis on what calorie goals should be met. There are also a number of apps that you can use to help regulate what you’re doing in the day – if you’re over or under. Overall we will try to give you a target goal to hit each day so that you can achieve long-term success that’s also maintainable.

What if I am hurt or have an injury?

Another important part of clinical weight loss is we are able to help keep your body physically healthy with our physical medicine team. They actually help implement the exercise portion of the plan, so if you feel limited in some way, “My hip is hurt, my knee is banged up, my shoulder is outta whack, my back is messed up,” – we work with that team to help derive plans specific to match your physical needs. If you feel that’s a limitation, don’t let it be one that stops you! We can help you know what exercises you can do to not exacerbate that pain, but help you be mobile and active.

What About Current Weight Loss Trends?

There are a number of weight loss trends – right now you might hear big buzz words with Keto, wraps, sauna suits – all of these different fad things. They may work for the short run and you may lose some weight, but often they are not successful in the long run due to everybody’s body type and needs being different. The needs of one body may not be the same as the needs of others. One of the hardest things about trends and why they are so appealing is because we live in a society of instant gratification. We want things now, we want it yesterday, we want to be 50 pounds lighter in a week…and that just does not happen. Some of the dangers of weight loss trends, one in particular, is a patient may have an underlying condition – for example, high cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol, the danger could be something like a Keto diet, something like an Atkins diet that promotes more of a fat content intake – you may actually be hurting the situation. It’s important to inform yourself. Go get yourself checked out. Make sure that you understand you before you jump into a diet that could potentially hurt you. Clinical weight loss allows you to be followed and managed by a provider to help guide your journey and do so in an educated manner and not exacerbate any other underlying conditions. It also helps keep you accountable for what you’re doing; whether that be a change in your diet, change in exercise, or with medicinal options or aids that assist you in reaching your goal.

What’s Next?

For more information click here to learn more about a personalized weight loss plan just for you or call 214-492-0550 to schedule a consultation today.