What is the Wellness Clinic?

The Wellness Clinic is a division of HCAT focused on treating chronic health problems that need extra attention. At the Wellness Clinic, we help patients manage their chronic conditions by focusing on the foundations of good health. We help patients with weight management, sleep apnea, hormone therapy, blood pressure control, and allergies. Wellness Clinic appointments serve as a branch of our patients’ primary care. The Wellness Clinic works hand-in-hand with our patients’ primary care providers.

What can I expect during an appointment to the Wellness Clinic?

During your appointment at the Wellness Clinic, we’ll delve deeper into your health concerns and talk through a treatment plan. You can expect an open discussion about your conditions.  Your Wellness provider will coach and counsel you on the best ways to reach your health goals and reduce the severity of your chronic conditions. After your appointment, your Wellness provider will communicate with your primary care provider about your progress, which your primary care provider can then track.

What Makes a Wellness Clinic visit different than primary care visit?

During a primary care visit, there are many occasions when an appointment may have more than one health issue that needs to be addressed. It can be challenging to devote enough time and attention to all aspects of your health. Wellness Clinic visits are longer in length than a typical primary care visit and focused on one particular health issue at a time. This different care format allows us to fully address each of your questions and come up with a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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