Quality Care Visits

Plan for your Health. Plan for your Life.

Chronic Pain CareA Quality Care Visit is a yearly extended visit with a provider that focuses on planning for your long-term health. The visit is comprehensive to help you prevent future health problems and manage current ones.

This visit type will give you and your provider extra time to devote to your long-term health. Instead of trying to squeeze long-term health planning into your regular visits, which is impossible, there will be enough time to thoughtfully address and plan for your long-term health. Furthermore, scheduling one of these visits will help you maximize your health benefits.

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Long-Term Health Plan

You’ll get a custom long-term health plan to help keep you healthy not just for now, but for your life.


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More Time

Spend more time with a member of your provider’s care team who is specially trained to create custom long-term health plans.


Vector drawing of a shield with a crossCovered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage

Quality Care Visits are covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage health plans. Additionally, due to regulations, we are required to offer this type of visit.

What happens during a Quality Care Visit?


During a Quality Care Visit, you’ll be asked questions about your health history and a long-term care plan will be put together for you. If you need any preventative screenings or tests, we will also get these scheduled for future visits. Your visit may be conducted by a provider who you do not regularly see. However, your main provider will still be overseeing all your care, including anything done during a Quality Care Visit.

Listen to Dr. Powell explain Quality Care Visits

Ready to Plan for your Long-Term Health?

Request a Quality Care Visit

After you request a quality care visit, someone from our team will call you to get your visit scheduled.