We offer home glucose monitoring to help you manage diabetes and stay healthy. Our home glucose monitoring program can help you get your blood sugar levels under control. The program is covered by Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

What is home glucose monitoring?

Home glucose monitoring is a preventative healthcare program that helps you keep your blood sugar at healthy levels. Patients who are enrolled in the program take their glucose readings at home at regular intervals. Depending on the type of glucose monitoring device you receive, you will either record your own glucose readings or they will be sent to a health coach who monitors the readings and checks for any changes. Your readings are also sent to your provider so that they can best help you manage your condition.

How it works

Receive Your Glucose Monitor

If you do not already have a preferred monitor, a glucose monitor and all supplies for testing are sent to you in the mail. You will either be sent a wireless or manual glucose monitor. The type of glucose monitor you receive will be based off of what you and your providers think will be the best fit for you. With a manual monitor, you will log your own glucose level readings. With a wireless monitor, your readings will be automatically sent to a health coach and your provider. You will also be sent test strips.

Connect with a Health Coach

A health coach will call you to walk you through how to use your glucose monitoring device and what to expect.

Test Every Day

Each day, you will measure your glucose levels. You will do this every day or up to three times per day, depending on what your provider recommends. Each month, you will receive a new supply of test strips.

Results Sent to a Health Coach and Your Provider

With a wireless monitor, your results will be directly sent to a health coach and provider. A health coach will alert you if your glucose levels aren’t healthy and will walk you through what to do next. With a manual monitor, your health coach will collect your readings monthly.

Monthly Call with Your Health Coach

Each month, you’ll have a call with your health coach regarding your glucose levels. Your health coach is available any time during the month to help if your levels are unhealthy. They’ll help you reach your health goals.

How can Home Glucose Monitoring Help Me?

Diabetes is a serious disease that can put you at a greater risk for blindness, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and sleep apnea. By monitoring you glucose on a regular basis, you can manage your diabetes better and prevent complications. Having a complete picture of your glucose levels can help your provider give you the best care possible. Additionally, your provider will be able to help you earlier with any glucose level abnormalities instead of any problems going unrecognized for a significant period of time.

How to get Started

Ready to take control of your health and enroll in the program? You can either enroll over the phone or fill out the form below.

Enroll over the phone

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