Notice: We are out of vaccine doses as of 1/22/2021. We do not know when we will receive our next shipment. Due to this uncertainty, we recommend visiting your county’s website for vaccine location information.

Do not use the online booking system to try and schedule an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine. 

When can I get a vaccine?
We are currently out of COVID-19 vaccines and do not now when we will receive another shipment. We strongly recommend visiting your county’s website for vaccine location information.

I’ve been on the waiting list for several weeks. Why haven’t I been called to get the vaccine?
We have closed our waiting list because we do not have a timeline for when we will next receive vaccine doses. Over 30,000 people are currently on our waiting list. We have only been allocated 2,000 vaccine doses to date. When we have a vaccine available for you, we will contact you. We do not have a timeline regarding when you can expect a vaccine dose. We estimate it will take many months to vaccinate everyone on our waiting list.

If I got my first dose of the vaccine from another provider, can I get my second dose from Healthcare Associates of Texas?
Unfortunately, we are unable to administer second doses to patients who received their 1st dose from another provider. This is due to state regulations regarding how we are allowed to administer the vaccine.

Are the Vaccines safe?
In the clinical trials, both the vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna were well-tolerated by study participants. Additionally, mRNA as a therapeutic has been studied extensively for more than a decade. We consider both vaccines to be safe at this time given the scientific evidence.

Are the Vaccines effective?
In the clinical trials, both the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna were found to be ~90-95% effective.

What are the side effects of the vaccines?
After receiving the vaccine, you may experience discomfort at the location you received the vaccine, fatigue, headache, chills fever, joint pain, and muscle pain. These side effects are all described as temporary, or transient. They may be more prevalent after the second dose of the vaccine and seem to be less prevalent in older individuals.

How do the vaccines work?
Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines work through mRNA technology. The vaccine contains mRNA molecules that are instructions to your body to build a specific protein. The mRNA is encased in lipids – a type of fat. Once the vaccine is injected, your body uses the mRNA to create a specific protein inside the cell but not in the nucleus where your DNA lives. This cell-made protein elicits an immune response from your body so that if your body ever comes in contact with the actual COVID-19 virus, your immune system should be ready. This is immunity.

Can I get COVID-19 from either vaccine?
No, it is impossible to get COVID-19 from the vaccine. The virus is not in the vaccine. While some side effects have been reported from the vaccine, they are not from the COVID-19 virus.

Who should get the vaccine?
Everyone over age 18 should plan to get the vaccine in the future. Priority will be given to healthcare workers, first responders, and teachers. Patients over the age of 65 and those with chronic medical conditions will be prioritized as well. Healthy and young people should get the vaccine in order to avoid contracting and spreading COVID-19 to other people who are high risk. Getting the vaccine helps protects you, your loved ones, and your community. The vaccines are currently being studied in children but the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are not approved for children at this time.

How much does the vaccine cost?
The vaccine is free. Administration of the vaccine is covered by commercial insurance and Medicare plans. If you do not have insurance coverage, we will administer the vaccine at no cost to our patients at Healthcare Associates of Texas.