David Harbour

Chief Executive Officer

David Harbour is the Chief Executive Officer for Healthcare Associates of Texas. Prior to joining Healthcare Associates of Texas, David served for over 10 years as the Senior Vice President of Operations for Epic Health Services, the leading provider of post-acute pediatric care continuum services in the United States.

While at Epic Health Services, David grew the company from $1M in revenue to over $750M in revenue, oversaw all company operations, executed a robust M&A strategy, and drove EBITDA from $25M to $80M over a 3-year period. Furthermore, he developed leadership teams at all levels of the organization to build a results-driven culture. In 2016, David provided leadership during the sales process of Epic to Bain Capital for $950M (12X TTM EBITDA), which returned $600M post-debt to their private equity sponsor.

Throughout his career in healthcare, David has consistently demonstrated a passion for growth, leadership development, customer service, and clinical and compliance excellence from his teams.

David holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

To contact David, please e-mail him at David.Harbour@healthcareassociates.com