April 4, 2017

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A compliment to Healthcare Associates of Texas, Boardwalk Physical Medicine Highlighting Stability and Gait Training for Improving Symptoms Related to Inner Ear and Balance Disorders

(April 4, 2017) Irving, TX – Healthcare Associates of Texas is pleased to announce that Boardwalk Physical Medicine will be putting a larger focus on vestibular rehabilitation training to improve quality of life for patients suffering from vertigo, dizziness, visual disturbance, and imbalance from vestibular disorders.

Vestibular disorders cause a range of frustrating inter-related symptoms including dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, nausea, and migraines. These can result in serious injury including falls and reduce quality of life.

Stability and gait training, also known as vestibular rehabilitation training, can offer relief from these daunting symptoms by using specialized exercises that stimulate and re-train the vestibular system. These exercises usually involve head movement, stretching, walking exercises, and ergonomic training that all help the body re-learn proper symmetry, appropriate reflexes, and improved control. This results in improved balance, reduced risk of falls, reduced dizziness, improved stability, better posture, increased body strength, and improved coordination.

“Boardwalk Physical Medicine has been an amazing part of Healthcare Associates of Texas’ delivery of full service primary care. With the combination of chiropractic and physical therapy, we can treat a wide scope of musculoskeletal complaints and other issues in ways few clinics can,” says Charles L Powell, MD, Director of Clinical Services for Healthcare Associates of Texas.

Boardwalk Physical Medicine is staffed by an exceptional team of physical therapists, exercise physiologists, and physical therapy assistants led by Jeremy Liesveld, DC, FNP who is both a Chiropractor and a Nurse Practitioner. They customize a unique vestibular rehabilitation training program for each patient to address their specific needs.

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