Aug 28
Most Common Causes of Low Back Pain and How to Avoid Them

If the first thing you notice in the morning is your aching, sore back, you’re not alone. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke estimates that about 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at least once in their…Read More

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Aug 22
Pump, Pen, Injection? Which Way Should You Take Insulin?

If you have diabetes and your doctor recommends insulin to help control your blood sugar, you will want to discuss all the options for insulin delivery. Figuring out which delivery method is best for you may depend on a variety…Read More

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Posted in: Diabetes
Aug 14
What Is Causing My Leg and Foot Pain? Radicular Pain and Sciatica

Ever had a pain in the buttock that runs down the back of your leg? A pain that makes it uncomfortable to drive or sit for long periods? Chances are, you may be experiencing what is commonly called sciatica. While…Read More

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Posted in: Orthopaedics
Aug 01
What Is the Fat Transfer Procedure?

Body fat transfers have been used for over a decade to fill in facial flaws such as indented scars, hollowed cheeks, and sunken eyes. Today, there is a revolutionary body fat transfer procedure that can help in many other areas…Read More

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Posted in: Plastic Surgery