Feb 14
7 Important Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist

It’s important to know that the people who work behind the counter at your local pharmacy do more than just fill your prescriptions; these men and women are highly trained pharmacists who can answer any and all questions about your…Read More

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Feb 08
Zero Finger-Stick Glucose Monitoring: Is It for You?

You’re out with friends at a restaurant and realize it’s time to check your blood sugar, because of your diabetes. Instead of excusing yourself from the table, and going to the restroom to break out your glucometer, test strips, and…Read More

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Posted in: Diabetes
Feb 02
Yoga for Arthritis: What to Look for in Choosing a Class

Is arthritis causing you pain in your hips, knees, hands, or another joint? The nagging, steady achiness, stiffness, and sometimes outright pain can make the prescription of exercise sound like a cruel joke. “Exercise with this pain? Are you kidding…Read More

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Posted in: Rehabilitation