CAT/CT Scans

Recent studies show that high speed C.T. scanners greatly improve the likelihood of detection of malignant disease, 4 times higher than that of chest x-rays. And with the new C.T. scanner we can detect the degree of calcification and thus the risk of a cardiovascular event.

Dexa Scan

Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) is the method by which a patient's bone mineral density (BMD) is measured to determine the strength of your bones; and thereby, is an excellent diagnostic tool for the presence of osteopenia or osteoporosis.

Infusion Therapy

Healthcare Associates of Irving is a physician-directed, center-based system for providing infusion therapy, which proves to be more advantageous to our patients.


Healthcare Associates' MRI is now offering an MR imaging system utilizing the Hitachi Echelon XL 1.5 Tesla.


Nuclear medicine imaging is unique, because it provides doctors with information about both structure and function. It is a way to gather medical information that would otherwise be unavailable, require surgery, or necessitate more expensive diagnostic tests.


Ultrasound is a test that uses reflected sound waves to produce an image of organs and other structures in the body. It does not use X-rays or other types of possibly harmful radiation.